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Maine Court Rules 2023 State Edition

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The Maine Judicial Branch selected Tower Publishing to print and distribute the official version of this well known and essential title.

Two-volume book set contains a complete set of Maine Rules of Court, including Rules of Civil Procedure, Rules of Criminal Procedure, Rules of Evidence, Rules of Probate Procedure, Rules of Small Claims Procedure, Administrative Court Rules, Administrative Orders of the Supreme Judicial Court, Code of Judicial Conduct and the new Professional Rules of Conduct.

  • Maine Court Rules 2023 State Edition Vol.1: Court Practice Rules includes:
  • Rules of Civil Procedure
  • Rules of Unified Criminal Procedure
  • Rules of Appellate Procedure 
  • Maine Rules of Electronic Court Systems 
  • Rules of Evidence
  • Child Support Guidelines Calculations Tables
  • Rules of Small Claims Procedure
  • Court Fees Schedule 
  • Fee Schedule for Court-Appointed Counsel  and Guardian ad Litem 
  • Rules of Probate Procedure

Maine Court Rules 2023 State Edition Vol. 2: Ethics Rules includes:

  • Maine Bar Admission Rules
  • Maine Bar Rules
  • Rules for Guardians Ad Litem
  • Rules of Professional Conduct (includes full commentaries and Reporter's Notes)
  • Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection
  • Maine Assistance Program for Lawyers Rules
  • Rules of Civil Legal Services Fund Commission
  • Code of Judicial Conduct
  • Rules of Committee on Judicial Responsibility & Disability

 and both books contain:

  - Advisory Committee Notes for past three years
  - Commonly used Forms
  - Index section for six sections
  - Annotations for past 3 years.

 * Also see Maine Federal Court Rules.

Published September 2023
ISBN: 979-8-9867403-8-6 & 979-8-9867403-9-3

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