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Maine Appellate Practice, 4th Edition, by Tower Publishing

Maine Appellate Practice - 4th Edition

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Maine Appellate Practice – 4th Edition was written to provide relatively contemporary guidance in implementing the Maine Rules of Appellate Procedure and addressing other issues that may arise in the course of appellate practice before the Maine Supreme Judicial Court. The first edition was published in January 2003.

Changes for this edition:
* Updated to reflect new court opinions, rules changes, advisory notes, and other developments in the law through early June 2013.
* A completely new Chapter 4A on State and Local Administrative Law that provides guidance for taking and defending administrative appeals from State and municipal administrative agencies to the trial courts and from the trial courts to the Law Court.
* Revisions of discussions of ethical issues on appeal to include references to the Maine Rules of Professional Conduct that were adopted after the third edition was published.
Significant new or enhanced discussions of appellate review issues in many areas including sentence appeals, personal and long arm jurisdiction, shareholder derivative actions, domestic relations cases, competence of parties and witnesses, and examination of consent decrees.

Maine Appellate Practice is divided into three sections. The first section is a User’s Guide to the Maine Rules of Appellate Procedure and Maine Appellate Practice. The second section includes: (i) the Maine Rules of Appellate Procedure, (ii) advisory notes published with the original rules and with amendments to those rules, and (iii) commentary addressing issues which may arise in application of each individual rule. The third section includes seven chapters addressing general legal and practice issues which arise in the course of appeals, often outside the context of any particular rule. This compilation of rules and commentaries include an encompassing index.

Published June, 2013. ISBN: 9780989215954

Donald G. Alexander was appointed to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court in 1998. He previously served on the Maine Superior Court and the Maine District Court and as a Deputy Attorney General for the State of Maine. He served in Washington, D.C. as an assistant to Maine Senator Edmund S. Muskie and as Legislative Counsel for the National League of Cities. Justice Alexander is a graduate of Bowdoin College and the University of Chicago Law School. He is the author of The Maine Jury Instruction Manual (2013 ed.); and Maine Appellate Practice (4th. ed. 2013), a contributing editor to Uniform Maine Citations (2012 ed.), and principal editor of the Maine State Bar Association publication Maine Rules of Civil Procedure with Advisory Committee Notes and Practice Commentary (2008). He is an adjunct faculty member at the University of Maine School of Law and was on the faculty of the Harvard Law School Trial Advocacy Workshop from 1980 through 2009. He is the Court’s liaison to the Advisory Committee on the Maine Rules of Evidence, the Maine State Bar Association Continuing Legal Education Committee, and the Cleaves Law Library.

Professor Nancy A. Wanderer of the University of Maine School of Law contributed as the author of Chapter 5 regarding brief writing, drawing upon her broad appellate experience as an educator and appellate advocate.

Tower Publishing and Casemaker Libra have collaborated to offer an electronic version of the Maine Appellate Practice. Casemaker Libra offers links throughout the treatise to official citations for cases, statutes, acts, and administrative codes. Also, full-text searching is available with special features to find the topics being searched.  Please click on this link to review this opportunity and costs associated: CASEMAKERLIBRA

“Justice Alexander's Maine Appellate Practice is an important tool for anyone appearing before the Maine Supreme Judicial Court—whether for the first time or the hundredth. As a major force behind the drafting of the Maine Rules of Appellate Procedure, Justice Alexander's explanation of their content and the practice under them is unique and invaluable. His text is clear, concise and focused. All Maine litigators should have this volume on their shelves.”
- Catherine R Connors, Esq., Pierce Atwood, LLP

“Any attorney or party appealing to the Maine Supreme Judicial Court should read first Justice Alexander's book, Maine Appellate Practice. The book has information, suggestions and insights that cannot be found in the Court's procedural rules or its decisions—from such important details as where to sit in court, how and when to use graphic displays, and how to structure oral argument and reserve “question-exempt” and rebuttal time—to core matters such as how to write and speak so as to best persuade the Court. Justice Alexander's detailed advice on how to write appellate briefs should be required reading for law students, attorneys and pro se litigants.”
- Peggy L. McGehee, Esq., Perkins Thompson, P.A.

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