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Stolen Seasons: How Maine Sports Survived the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Stolen Seasons represent an attempt to explain how the loss of opportunities in sport – which can never be returned – spurred people on all sides of the issue to find avenues of recovery. Faced with an unforeseen and unfamiliar foe, the resilience, creativity, and sense of resolve of Mainers involved in sport was on full display for more than two years. Stolen Seasons is the story of their, at times heroic, always selfless journey towards the future.

Nobody involved in Maine sports at any level could have possibly imagined the range of setbacks that would face them due to the corona­virus pandemic. This book represents the authors' best attempt to tell the stories of Maine people involved in sports at every level who were faced with similar challenges and met them head-on. As of this writing, the state of Maine and the country continue to adjust to “the new normal” and manage new variants of the virus, upticks in the number of COVID‑19 cases, and the ongoing effort to adjust to changes in local and state policies. What we have learned is that change is the only constant and that adaptation to those changes is a necessity.

Published 2024. ISBN: 978-8-9891722-2-1

Dave Eid grew up in Auburn, Massachusetts, not too far from Portland, Maine. Even at a very young age he knew Sports would be in his future. One of his greatest thrills as a youngster was going to Fenway Park in Boston, MA with his family.

Dave played hockey and baseball at St. John’s High School in Shrewsbury, MA, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from Curry College in Milton, MA, and then went on to earn a Masters degree in Broadcast Com­mu­nications from Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

He started his television career at WJFW-TV in Rhinelander, WI; and went on to join WVII-TV in Bangor, ME; and he has also worked at Fox 51 in Portland, ME. In January of 1996, Dave was hired by WGME-TV and has been there for over 28 years, currently as the Sports Director.

An ending quote from Dave: “I am so proud of both of our kids for their resiliency, drive, and support for one another. I love what I do, and I absolutely love the great people of Maine! Thank you all for your love and support!”

Gary Stevens has been an athletic administrator for twenty-seven years – currently serving at Thornton Academy, an independent school serving students in grades 6-12 in Saco, Maine. Gary also concurrently serves as an adjunct professor of Sport and Exercise Science at Saint Joseph’s College of Maine.

Prior to beginning his tenure at Thornton Academy in 2007, he served eleven years as an athletic administrator at Bonny Eagle High School, including nine years as an assistant principal. Gary graduated from Harvard University in 1983 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History, cum laude in General Studies. He received his Master of Arts degree in American and New England Studies from the University of Southern Maine in 2000 and a Master of Science degree in Education (School Leadership Concentration) from Saint Joseph’s College of Maine in 2015. He currently holds both the CAA (1999) and CMAA (2004) certification from the NIAAA.

Stevens lives in Standish, Maine with his wife, Ida Atkinson.

“Dave Eid and Gary Stevens do a remarkable job of capturing one of the stories behind the story of the COVID pandemic. You do not have to be a sports fan to enjoy the tremendous work that they have done. They have preserved history in a very engaging way and have given us a chance to consider lessons we should learn from those very challenging times.  ~ U.S. Senator Susan Collins

 “I cheered and cried as I read this book. It spoke to what the world was feeling, pain, fear, hope and redemption. We will never be the same going through a pandemic, this tome illustrates what it looks like being better on the other side of it.”  ~ B. Elliot Hopkins, Assistant Director, National Federation of State High School Associations

“Dave & Gary’s book is a great read. No one really knew how to go about the pandemic. These are great stories of how people dug in, stuck together and found ways to make the most out of weird and difficult times." ~ Ben Guite, Bowdoin Men’s Hockey Coach, Former UMaine & NHL Forward

“COVID-19 was unforgiving and relentless. It disrupted everything we knew in the world of athletics, and in life in general. Dave and Gary do an incredible job of portraying the various levels of impact Covid-19 had on teams and fan bases from the high school level to the professional level.” ~ Dr. Dustin Smith, Broken Arrow School District; “Pairadocs” Podcast; National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association Board of Directors

“From the first time we heard the words COVID-19 to the present, the impact on educational based activities was devastating. Stolen Seasons is a collection of actual scenarios and the outcomes. Many thanks to Mr. Stevens and Mr. Eid for capturing the life of athletics during COVID. Reflection, acknowledgement, and resolution define a well storied time.” ~ Gerald Durgin, Executive Director, Maine Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association

“With 12% of our Sports Officials being physically attacked, Chapter Thirteen gives you a deep dive into the Sporting Behaviors that challenge our games today.”  ~ Jay Hammes, President and Founder, of Safe Sport Zone, LLC

“Everyone in that room wanted to play Maine Hockey and that was what was so special about that team.” ~ Jeremy Swayman, Boston Bruins goalie and former University of Maine goalie.

“A fascinating, riveting inside look at the Covid-19 pandemic that shut down sports across the world, and particularly in Maine.” ~ Mike Lowe, Retired Sportswriter, Portland Press Herald

“The passion for sports and the heartbreak of losing a season rings so true in Stolen Seasons. While reading about the University of Maine Presque Isle baseball team you could feel the emotion and disappointment of Coach Roger Stinson and his team.”            ~ Rene Cloukey, WAGM-TV, Presque Isle

"This book tells the difficult story of high school sports during the COVID-era from the inside out. Thoughtful and beautifully written, the book underscores the importance and value of athletics and other extra-curricular activities on the physical and mental well-being of today's youth.’” ~ Roger L. Huber, Esq., Head Cross Country Coach, Bangor High School

“This thoroughly enjoyable book offers a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the challenges facing Maine Sports during the pandemic. You couldn’t find two people better to tell this story. Dave and Gary are real leaders in their field and their support for the athletes, coaches, administrators and fans comes through clearly in their work.”                ~ Steve Abbott, Chief of Staff, Office of U.S. Senator Susan Collins

“Stolen Seasons provides a heartfelt insider perspective of the impact the COVID-19 pandemic had, and will continue to have, on athletes of all ages within the State of Maine. The challenges and sense of loss within the athletic com­munity brought on by the pandemic are thoroughly examined, and the authors provide numerous examples of resilience in the face of adversity that will leave the reader inspired and confident in our next generation of leaders.” ~ Tim Ryan, Ashmead White Director of Athletics,  Bowdoin College

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