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Maine Bar Directory 2024

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Published annually for the last forty-five years, the Maine Bar Directory is your top information source on the Maine legal community. 

Over 700 pages, The Maine Bar Directory provides a wealth of information including: alphabetical and county-by-county listings of lawyers and law firms in Maine, lawyer e-mail addresses and firm websites, the Maine Bar Association by-laws, listings of county Bar Associations, law library addresses, data on federal and state courts and their officers, and information on town clerks, sheriffs and deputies.

Used on a daily basis by many law offices and courthouses in Maine, The Maine Bar Directory is an indispensable resource for any practicing Maine attorney.

The Maine Bar Directory includes contact information for:
6,760 Attorneys Registered with the Maine Bar listed in the directory
3,639 Active Maine Attorneys
2,346 Out of State Attorneys
303 Maine Firms

Active Maine Attorneys and Law Firms available electronically in an excel file.
Call 207-642-5400 ext 10 for more information.


Published July 2024
ISBN: 9798986740355

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